• Usage of Solvent Dye

    The solvent dye can be used solely or with other materials.
    They are used in the coloring of high highstrenghtpiston. They are including following:

    P S polystyrene H I P S shock resistance polystyrene
    S A N styrene/ acrylonitrilemultipolymeter A S acrylonitrile/ styrenemultipolymeter
    A B S modified polystyrene P M M A polymethyl methacrylate
    P C polycarbonate C A cellulose acetate
    R P V C unplasticized pvc P E polythene
    P P polypropylene P A nylon
    P E T polyethylene terephthalate    

    The stationery, such as ink jet printing, intaglio printing ink, antifake mark, oil product,and etc.

    Surface coating and metal complex dyes, such as wooden surface brightening agent and tinsel printing, etc.

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